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Page Admin Facebook exposed Hack!!

Posted at August 23rd, 2011 | Categorised in Karya Ilmiah

Assalam alaikum, of course, if you heard the news about the Facebook account of our friends in the hack, it’s not unusual. But this time it is not unusual and extraordinary

Remarkable because of the hacked page is directly Administrators Facebook! Pages where every settings / settings related to the service is done up.

Very Amazing, Because it turns out that managed to penetrate the admin page, Facebook is an Indonesian initials Hack3r Bi4kkob4r

And no less remarkable, that in fact Bi4kkob4r this is not a horrible image of hackers as it is variously described by most people imagined as a group of destroyers, thieves, and a myriad of other negative cap (even though such traits are more appropriate dressing for the cracker and not a hacker). Bi4kkobar this only shows that the security system (security) facebook can he see-through without making any changes to the site.

And Because Bi4kkob4r have successfully penetrated the admin page up, and do not change anything on facebook, the facebook gave him $ 2,000 reward. through paypal and this is the screenshot of the receipt of payment via paypal:

Well, how?

Who says the young generation of Indonesia could not perform teeth into the field of networking security in the world? And hopefully this Bi4kkob4r attitude can also be followed by other hackers so that Indonesia not only can damage the Facebook accounts of others who would only get a profanity.

And, I hope this article makes you motivated to do something useful, and remember that anything can happen if we have the perseverance and patience.

Hopefully Helpful


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