7 Country With The Fastest Connection

Greetings, this evening the Student Pro Related Topics article with the State and its Internet connection, the Internet has become Needs Modern Primer Some people and has become a lifestyle ngetrend, even in Indonesia Children Class 2 Sd sdh Internet.Ketergantungan to know and use the internet occurs because all is needed is in it, ranging from business to dating, wkwkwkwk.

In accordance with article 7 Title Line State With Fastest Internet Connection, Which Country Did you know that have the World’s Fastest Internet Connection?
If Not Let Us Listen Together, murah


South Korea’s first position in terms of speed internet connections and broadband connectivity to defeat the U.S. and Japan.
World No.1 because the connection speed of 15 Mbps, ten times the global average!
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Japan is ranked second in terms of broadband Internet connections and high connectivity. Japan ranked second after South Korea in terms of high broadband connectivity. Approximately 54 percent of connections in Japan is above 7 Mbps. The country is ranked 2nd in the 10 countries with a high speed internet connection.


Hong Kong ranks third after Korea and Japan with 6.9 Mbps Internet connection speed to occupy a place among the seven rows of states with high speed internet connection.


Romania was in fourth position with a speed of 5.7 Mbps Internet connection. The country ranks third in terms of high broadband connectivity to 45% of the connections above 5 Mbps. Romania marks him as being in dertan 7 States with the fastest connection.


Sweden was in fifth position among the 7 countries with a high-speed Internet connections with speeds 5.6 Mbps. Sweden ranks fourth in terms of high broadband connectivity to 39 percent of connections over 5Mbps.


Swiss or Switzerland is in sixth place with Internet connection speeds over 5 Mbps. But the country is not included in the list of top ten countries with high broadband connectivity. Sixth position for Switzerland is not bad on the 7 countries with a high speed internet connection.

The Netherlands is ranked 7 th with the Internet connection speed with an average speed of 4.9 Mbps. State ranked 7th in terms of high broadband connectivity to 28 percent of the connections above 5 Mbps. That’s where the Netherlands stands out among 7 countries with a high speed internet connection.

Hopefully Indonesia Could Become One Of the 7 Rows Countries with Fastest Internet Connection,

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