Antena Sendok Modem Signal Amplifier

Assalam Alaikum, As I taking the ngabuburit share ways to signal the modem with 3G Antenna Signal Amplifier Spoons these tips I can from the next Forum. These tips are the result of my own testing and proven succes who initially had a headache in my house a very slow network. Actually, before using the help of a small spoon, I’ve also get HSDPA signal, but to download still pretty disappointing. And ntah of idea where I browse and get tips from the forum side, these tips actually old but I’ve deliberately made ​​the buddy pelajarpro update.

Quote interested, please refer to immediately wrote the following picture. It’s easy really, just watch his picture so … trus practice:

Download the results before pake antenna spoon:

Download the results after using the antenna spoon:

Now that he is the result of my success ..

NB: Testing With Windows 7 + Firefox + idm 6:07 8.02b Aurora


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