Increase speed IDM Up To 500%


Student Pro software will share optiamalisasi IDM (Internet Download Manager) an application to speed we download from the internet whether it be MP3, Video and Document, sometimes the default settings of the IDM was less than optimal and user freely for setting up their own perceived by the user is optimized for performance nya.Software IDM is created for perfecting the performance of IDM.

  Applications  made by Agan Zmachmobile, which is useful to optimize the use of IDM that we use.

The advantages of the application made ​​by Agan Zmachmobile very much accompanied rancanganuser a very simple interface so even a very layman can easily do so, the application is named IDM Optimizer.

The workings of the IDM Optimizer and everything in optimizing:

1. This program will create a new file in the directory that contains the name of the IDM Optimizer.exe IDMMax.inf that contains the script to go into the registry, trus-tweaking ngutak in HKCU / software / downloadmanager for performance maksimalin IDM

2. In the registry, this script changes the value of Advanced Integration > 1, ConnectionSpeed ​​-> 999 999, ConnectionType > 11, MaxConnectionsNumber > 16

3. Whereas if you find IDMDef.inf file, then script it contains to restore settings to the initial conditions IDM

4. To apply the changes, it is necessary to restart the IDM

Wait What Else gan? direct download ayo aja! Download Here

IDM Optimizer

After downloading the reader, well now lives how to use the following way:

1. IDM must be installed on your computer

2. After the IDM is installed, open the program

3. Select Maximize Now! to optimize the performance of the IDM

4. restart IDM

5. Select Restore Default to return to the initial IDM

6. restart IDM