Manual Optimazing Internet Download Manager

Software Download Manager IDM is a quick but do you know yet the default IDM Optimal performance? IDM yaa default settings is not optimal. So, if need be optimized? yaa if you are a netter near optimal performance of the IDM is a must for you. 

And This is the topic that I discuss in this article “Optimizing Performance of IDM with Manual Setting” must be after reading the title of this article arises again the question “How near optimal IDM Manual?” Yaa no reason for you to read this article because I will explain how to optimize the IDM is manual.Okd Jump in see gan aj! 

1.Idm must Ter-Install on Laptop / Pc 

2. Open IDM3. Click the Options menu / Options4. Click the Connections tab / Connections as shown above 

5. ubah juga Maksimal Koneksi menjadi 16.”>Change Type of connection to 10Mbps Lan —> please change the Max Connections to 16. 

ubah juga Maksimal Koneksi menjadi 16.”>
6. Restart IDM 

7.Testing by downloading files 

Hopefully Helpful:)

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