Studying Care Spensix Wajo 2011

   Custody Study undertaken by Sengkang LEADING SMPN 6 as ambassadors Wajo to SMP 1 City of Bogor. Learning Care is carried on for 12 days / 15 to 26 January 2011, at Follow The 23 students and four coaches on the sidelines of the learning process in Spensa Bogor, the students Spensix Sengkang Visit: monument, TMI, Puncak, Bogor Palace, And the Bogor Botanical Gardens.

Spensa Bogor,a RSBI it is a school that has a sophisticated IT facilities besides Students Spensa Friendly and welcoming. therefore easily diffuse spensix students among students spensa.12 day it got so fast for us students spensix, new flavors in spensa yesterday we were already in spensix,,, hehehehe ,,,,, it seems only yesterday alira invites us for lunch pizza hut @ botany …. and do not forget I represent the students spensix to thank as much as possible because students spensa bogor received us gladly,,, to alira and friends thanks yaa has led to Damri and other goodness,

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